Dear exhibitors and guests of the show!

While planning the trip to Ukraine for the European Dog Show 2017 and related events by car you can receive the up-to-date information about the approximate waiting time of the transferring border in the checkpoints through the state border of Ukraine on-line on the official web-sites of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and regional state administrations:
Also the hot telephone line-service “Pulse” is functioning in the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine which by the telephone number +38 044 284 00 07 receives messages about queues at the border entry points and checkpoints, s well as about the situations which should be dealt with operationally and effectively.
Besides we inform you that according to the Article 360 of the Customs Code of Ukraine in case of transporting of the live animals (dogs) through the customs border of Ukraine their customs control is performed out of turn with the highest priority.
Quantity of the animals per person is not limited.
We also want to remind you that the citizens of all European states, of the majority of the states of Americas and all the states of the former Soviet Republics cross the border of Ukrainian by the international passports without visa and can stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days.
Additionally, you can receive the official invitation the customs control. This document is not required but may serve as an additional guaranty and confirmation of the purpose of your visit. To receive this letter you should send on the e-mail address  the following information:

  • First name, last name, passport number;
  • Information about the dogs registered/accompanied to the show (if the dog is not accompanied by its owner the power of attorney is required);
  • Information about the car (if you travel by car).

If you cross the state border of Ukraine by car – the vehicle of the personal use (goods item 8702, 8703, 8704) and the trailers with them, registered on the territory of the relevant country, are brought to Ukraine for free and are not subject to obligatory written declaring, hey can stay in Ukraine for up to one year by the Article 380 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.
We attract your attention that the vehicles of the personal use are allowed to cross the border of Ukraine only when the document proving the ownership of this vehicle is provided, or if the right of its usage is confirmed by the power of attorney.
Goods brought to the customs territory of Ukraine for personal use or demonstration/showing at the exhibition and will further be brought out back can be registered by the temporary admission (Articles 105 (part 1), 112 and 189 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, Additions .1 – .9, C, D of the Convention relating to temporary admission (Istanbul, 1990)).
Goods imported to Ukraine for sale are subject to the obligatory registration to the import customs regime and obligatory declaring.

Welcome to Ukraine!


/: (044) 531-37-63, 531-37-64, 531-37-56