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 The conference was attended by:
Georgiy Onishchenko, the UKU President, Helen Skliarova, the UKU Vice-president, Barbara Muller, the representative of the FCI European section, Anton Taranenko, the Head of the Department of tourism at Kyiv City Council, Peter Friedrich (VDH President) World Dog Show 2017 (Germany), John Wauben for the World Dog Show 2018 (Netherlands), the President and the representatives of the Polish Kennel Club (EDS 2018), Andras Korosz and other representatives of the Hungarian Kennel Club (EDS 2021), press conference host Vince Hogan, Managing Director Our Dogs, International media partner for the Euro Dog Show 2017.
After the introductions, there was a short speech by the President of the UKU, G. Onishchenko. He made a summary of experts’, participants’ and guests’ unanimous opinion regarding a successful completion of the show. There were some minor problems, but only the one doesn’t make mistakes, who does nothing at all.
Let’s also keep in mind that the UKU has organized such a show for the very first time.
QUESTIONS-ANSWERS from the journalists who were from Ukraine, Israel, Finland, Malta, UK, Russia, Mexico, Spain, South America etc etc.
1. How many guests visited the show?
- More 8 thousand. Each day the number of visitors was increasing.
2. What piece of advice would you give to those who are going to keep themselves busy organizing the next Euro Dog Show?
- In terms of sharing experience, it is worth saying that the show should be organized by the clubs who have held such exhibitions before. I am grateful to the FCI and its European section, to my colleagues and friends who were eagerly sharing their experience with us.
3. How do you assess the International congress for judges of FCI that was held on the eve of the Euro Dog Show 2017?
- The Congress of the judges and other meetings were deliberately held on the eve of the Euro Dog Show. The Congress was organised for the first time and I am very grateful for their trust. Many participants had the opinion that the show was held on quite a decent level.
4. Taking pictures of dogs is rather inconvenient due to a long distance in the best-ring.
- In the very beginning, just when we were planning the construction of the ring, we asked professional photographers’ (who possess a rich experience in covering such a kind of shows) opinion on the matter and took it into consideration.
5. The best-ring lacks a system of dog titles.
- All of the dog titles correspond with the FCI system available on numerous stands in five languages.
6. People leaving Ukraine are now facing inconveniences while standing in long queues waiting for their dogs to get a license to leave the country. This poses a problem.
- They are made to wait not because the veterinarians are not ready but because banks are closed during holidays. We asked a banking outlet nearby to be available these days for the sake of participants’ comfort. Still there is only one cash window available, which accounts for long queues.
7. The Hungarian representatives are fully satisfied with everything. The first day was excellent and we would like to wholeheartedly congratulate you on that. We are sure that all Hungarian participants also liked the show. Has the UKU got any financial help from the government?
- The UKU received no funds whatsoever from the state. We managed everything on our own. Of course, we were helped by sponsors. We got some moral support from the state as well. Our requests to the President, the Prime-minister, the Minister of Interior did not go unnoticed. The police were also engaged during the show, whose aim was to keep order and to provide enforcement whenever needed.
8. A. aranenko. More 8 thousand of people visited the show. Each day the stream of visitors was increasing. Kyiv is a beautiful tourist center and a friendly city for dogs.
9. How was the show covered in the media?
- There was live coverage of the show. Best-in-show was broadcast throughout the world. There was also a 6-month PR-campaign on TV, radio, newspapers and internet. Before the show there had also been launched a wide announcement- campaign. EDS 2017 covered 14 television foreign and domestic channels. More 140 foreign and domestic media-representatives (mainly covering the kennel-events) received accreditation for the show.
Barbara Mueller.fci European Section Vice President The organisers of the show achieved the impossible. They have demonstrated an exceptional level of organisation. This also regards the organisation of performances in the rings.
Peter Friedrich of the German kennel club said this was a real festival, not a business event, full of positive and joyful emotions.
John Wauben Representative of the Dutch kennel club.....Wonderful atmosphere and organization. Everything was arranged for the comfort of the participants, experts and guests.
Representatives of the Polish kennel club promoted the Euro Dog Show 2018 in Poland and invited everyone to visit their show and of course would receive the FCI flag later that day.

A total of 6114 dogs were registered for the Euro Dog Show 2017. Together with CAC and CACIB there were registered up to 10 thousand dogs (9556).
The most numerous breeds were:
BEAGLE – 114
PUG – 104
Participants represent 55 countries of the world, which has set a record for a European exhibition. The biggest number of participants come from:
Ukraine – 3262
Russia – 466
Poland – 261
Belarus – 185
Italy – 157
Hungary – 149
There are also participants from far abroad, even from: Brazil, Peru, Chile, India, Mexico, Indonesia, the USA, Japan, Philippines, Australia.
At the Euro Dog Show as well as at CAC and Ѳ there were a total of 115 renowned experts representing 52 countries. 101 judges were engaged at the Euro Dog Show.
So far the exhibition has been visited by over 8 thousand people according to preliminary data.
All press representatives were pleased with the facilities and arrangements in both main rings on all days and the UKU thanks them for their support and excellent coverage.

Photo by Aleksandr Dvernitskiy / Yuriy Belokobylskiy

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