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August 24-27, 2017 Ukraine - Kyiv
Ukrainian Kennel Union has received with honor EURO DOG SHOW in 2017
and congratulated guests from all over the world in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv!

Kyiv - the capital of independent Ukraine located in the heart of Europe, has more than one and a half thousand years of existence. It is an important political, economic, scientific, cultural, educational and religious center. Cradle of Slavic civilization and Orthodox religion. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, which extended picturesquely over the Dnieper hills.
More than two thousand objects of history and culture are located on the territory of Kyiv. Among them, 39 are of international importance, including the millennial St. Sophia Cathedral and the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage as historical and cultural national reserves.
Kyiv is not only a large Ukrainian city but also a major transport hub. It has a lot of highways, a river port, two international airports in Boryspil and Zhuliany with more than 150 international flights on the main routes every day, as well as two railway stations connecting the capital city with many European capitals. Kyiv has a subway consisting of three lines with a total length of more than 60 km.
More than 200 comfortable five, four and three star hotels, hostels and well-equipped campsites will hospitably host tens of thousands of city guests. Many of them are dog friendly.

Ukrainian Kennel Union (UKU) is the most massive and authoritative domestic non-governmental organization engaged in pure breeding and protection of dogs. It unites in its ranks more than 250 thousand members - great zealots and true professionals of their business. Our pets have repeatedly become winners of international European and world shows. This is the result of many years of persistent work of Ukrainian cynologists-enthusiasts.

The roots of our non-governmental organization date back to the time of the independence of our state (1990). Since 1996, UKU has become a member of the Federation Cynologique International (FCI), which was founded in 1911 and is the most influential international organization that brings together dog breeders from more than 90 countries.
Dogs of Ukrainian origin with UKU pedigrees participate in regional, international, European, world, as well as single-breed shows of various levels, obtain titles of candidate to international champion (CACIB), candidate to international working champion (CACIT), titles of International Exterior Champion, International Working Champion and other international titles and nominations.
Today UKU cares about 300 thousand dogs in Ukraine of 300 breeds. More than 10 thousand mets and almost 40 thousand puppies are registered in the Breeding Book annually. More than a thousand Ukrainian dogs have an Interchampion title.
Ukrainian Kennel Union is actively cooperating with legislative and executive bodies of state power, including a partnership with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Interior and Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
In recent years, long-term professional reforms have taken place and have already begun to take root and deepen in the updated Kennel Union. Breeding work, high-level shows, promotion activities of UKU, creation of a strong group of judges, ensuring decent working conditions - all this is not a complete list of reorganization innovations. A solid, state-of-the-art information and analytical center, which has worked like a clock for a long time, was created.
The best declaration of goals and demonstration of achievements of the Ukrainian Kennel Union is its everyday hard work both domestically and abroad, including its numerous large-scale shows. Every year UKU holds a large number of international, national, regional and specialized shows in various cities of Ukraine. As well as championships in breeds, sports competitions, seminars and other cynological events.
The most indicative of these are capital's international shows “Golden Gate” and “Ukraine” in April, “Golden Pectoral”, “Gold of Scythians” and “Sophia of Kyiv” in August, “Kyiv Rus” and country’s main final show - “Crystal Cup of Ukraine“, which involve 5-6 thousand dogs from all over the world, with the awarding of the best in various nominations for the results of show activities throughout the year. Traditionally, cynological events are held at a high European level, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere that has always been marked by exhibitors and international authoritative expert teams.
Since 2010, UKU has begun publishing its magazine “Club Dogs”, which has become well-known both in Ukraine and abroad. The printed chronicle popularizes internal and external activities of the UKU, discusses relevant cynological topics, and allows solving painful problems.
The result of any big and small action always depends on cohesiveness, reliability and skill of the team that creates it. This also applies to the European Dog Show. The Kennel Union unites in its ranks the people devoted to business, true professionals - adherents of cynology, passionate admirers of pets, people who always act as a team. Here, as in mountaineering, the strength of connection and very teamwork itself are important. Whatever obstacles have been encountered, they can be overcome at all times thanks to the individuals who work in the Kennel Union, their devotion to the cause, and general interests. Such people work up to the collar every day in cells and in Main Board of UKU - it was their shoulders which carried the responsible burden of organizing the European show to host thousands of guests from around the world in the capital of Ukraine in 2017, the participants of the European Dog Show - 2017.
This cohesive professional team has been headed for many years by President of the Ukrainian Kennel Union Georgiy Onishchenko, a skilled and experienced organizer, a true dog fan.
Ukraine, in the person of the Ukrainian Kennel Union, in the framework of the activities of the Federation Cynologique International in 2013, was first granted the right to host dog “Euro” in Kyiv on August 24-27, 2017. Worthy opponents of Ukraine were three strong cynological countries - Germany, Denmark and Slovakia. This is a significant event not only for Ukrainian dog breeders, but, most importantly, for the whole Ukraine - as for a European state. The whole cynological elite of the continent have attended the show, best representatives of dog beau monde of all known breeds have demonstrated their exterior qualities.
Nearly 6 thousand dogs were registered in EDS 2017, more than 10 thousand - for all events of the European Championship, including CAC and CACIB. Under conditions when military operations are taking place in the east of the country, when the polyphonic choir of the “benevolents” sings about dangerous stay in Ukraine in different voices, recklessly tells nonsense about our country, about our people to discredit the show, it is a super figure. Still, they common sense and “golden intellectual fund” of Ukrainian cynology worked in 27 years of existence of the UKU, the onslaught, dedication, diligence of our breeders, experts, heads of departments, headquarters, presidium have won. All this together gave the opportunity to present UKU worthily on the main cinematic show of the European continent.
Dogs from 55 countries, including Ukraine are present at the Euro Dog Show 2017. And this is a record for the European Dog Show in general! More 100 distinguished experts judging the championships of Europe and the world, the leadership of the Federation Cynologique International in full are our expected guests. They were not just judged, but effectively, qualitatively and objectively evaluated exterior qualities of the world dog elite in numerous rings, raising the prestige of the Ukrainian Euro.
Specially for the European show our programmers developed a program that allows anyone wishing to quickly register as the EDS member. Moreover, at the show itself, ring brigades will work with tablets for the first time. That is, the Kennel Union gradually departs from traditional fixing of expert assessments on paper. Specially for this we prepared a convenient program for working with them in the ring.
The fact that the show involves in a large number of World Champions, Europe Champions, many countries of the world, speaks for itself, namely - high quality of the European gene pool of pets who competed at the show. The largest number of dogs was registered in such breeds as Corso Dog, American Staffordshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Dachshund, Labrador Retriever, Beagle, Pug, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Pomeranian Spitz, and Akita - American and Japanese. We have excellent indicators not only in terms of numbers but also in breadth of geography. Most of the participants, of course, are from Ukraine, in the second place - Russia, in the third - Poland, in the fourth - Belarus, in the fifth - Italy, the sixth - Hungary, then Lithuania and Finland. This is extremely valuable to us, because it once again proves that the world cynological community believes in us and trusts us.
The show was held in comfortable European-equipped pavilions of the best Kyiv show center: the International Exhibition Center (
In addition to the Euro Dog Show 2017, the CACIB and CAC single breed shows took place.

Events was scheduled as follows:



August 24, Thursday

August 25, Friday

August 26, Saturday

August 27, Sunday

International Exhibition Center

International dog shows (CACIB)
of all breeds
max 4,000 dogs

EDS 2017
I, III, VI, VII FCI groups

EDS 2017
II, VIII, X FCI groups

EDS 2017
IV, V, IX FCI groups

International Exhibition Center


II, VIII, IX, X FCI groups and nationally recognized breeds

I, III, IV, V, VI, VII FCI groups


The professional Euro Dog Show 2017 website works efficiently, which is designed in such a way that participants, media representatives, guests and in general all interested persons could, with all the conveniences, orient themselves in information “mazes” of the show, get acquainted with our beautiful country, with its capital, learn more about UKU's activities and understand what a great place was to host the European Cynological Show. (The results of EDS 2017 can be viewed at the following addresses: and
It was remarkable that the opening of the Ukrainian "Euro" - in the bright colors of the national palette. The inflammatory performance of the National Honored Academic Ensemble of Dance of Ukraine named after Pavlo Virsky created a joyful mood of the cynological holiday on all exhibition days.
Ukrainians are worldwide known for their traditional hospitality, friendliness, and openness. Our national cuisine is also a constant cause of general astonishment. Salo, borscht, kulish, dumplings, peppered horilka - these are delicious attributes of the national magic tablecloth. And of course, we were offer all these delicacies to our participants - restaurants, cafes, bars, where true real Ukrainian dishes was be cooked, was work in the pavilions.
The general partner of the Euro Dog Show 2017 is “Royal Canin Ukraine”. General information partners - "OUR DOGS" (, the canine newspaper (United Kingdom) and “CLUB DOGS”, UKU magazine. Information partners: "FRAZA.UA" (, the first Ukrainian site of author journalism (Ukraine), and the 1st information zoo portal of Ukraine "PETS TODAY" ( Special thanks to Vince Hogan, the head of the media holding "OUR DOGS", and Ernst von Scheven, head of the Dutch film company "KYNOWEB".
Brilliantly, scrupulously, without regretting itself, the Ukrainian Kennel Union was preparing for the main European dog beauty contest and multi-vector excellence of cynologists. We tried very hard. A low bow to all colleagues and friends for this! Once again, we thank all our members, all judges, all journalists, all guests for your courage, persistence, your faith in us, cynology of Ukraine, Ukraine and Ukrainians.
UKU press service
Photos by Оleksandr Dvernytskyi / Yuriy Belokobylskyi
Website of Euro Dog Show 2017:
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EURO DOG SHOW 2017, 24-27.08, KYIV
A total of 6114 dogs were registered for the Euro Dog Show 2017. Together with CAC and CACIB there were registered up to 10 thousand dogs (9556).
The most numerous breeds were: CANE CORSO – 146, AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER – 145, LABRADOR RETRIEVER – 143, CHIHUAHUA – 139, BEAGLE – 114, PUG – 104.
The first Ukrainian national breed of ODIS was presented.
Participants represent 55 countries of the world, which has set a record for a European exhibition. The biggest number of participants come from: Ukraine – 3262, Russia – 466, Poland – 261, Belarus – 185, Italy – 157, Hungary – 149.
There are also participants from far abroad, even from: Brazil, Peru, Chile, India, Mexico, Indonesia, the USA, Japan, Philippines, Australia.
At the Euro Dog Show as well as at CAC and САСІВ there were a total of 115 renowned experts representing 52 countries. 101 judges were engaged at the Euro Dog Show.
Masmedia. There was live coverage of the show. Best-in-show was broadcast throughout the world. There was also a 6-month PR-campaign on TV, radio, newspapers and internet. Before the show there had also been launched a wide announcement- campaign. EDS 2017 covered 15 television foreign and domestic channels. More 140 foreign and domestic media-representatives (mainly covering the kennel-events) received accreditation for the show.
So far the exhibition has been visited by over 9 thousand people according.