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To get the UKU Export Pedigree of a dog you must send us:
- the 
original of your dog's Puppy Card on our postal address:
UKU Head Office
18 Mechnykova Str.,

60 Euro (if you want to get the 3-generations pedigree)
or 80 Euro  (if you want to get the 4-generations pedigree) with a bank transfer
(make sure that we receive the exact sum of money and not less due to the banks' fees)
Please, indicate in your transaction bank details of ALL THREE BANKS below: BANK DETAILS
(in your transaction you must indicate the bank details of ALL THE THREE banks below)



iban: UA133204780000000026000121225
Name: Ukrainian Kennel Union
Address: Rognidynska str. 3,
Kyiv 01004, Ukraine


Yerevanskaya Str., 1, Kyiv, Ukraine


NeueMainzerStrasse 32-36
60261 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

scanned bank receipt of the payment transfer
on our e-mail or a photo copy of it on our postal address.
your postal address so that we could send you the pedigree as soon as it is ready.


  • What is the Puppy's Card?

Puppy's Card is the green and pink document in which the name of the dog, date of birth, microchip, parents of the dog, name and address of the owner is indicated.
You are to send to the UKU only the green part of the Puppy's card. The owner of the dog keeps the pink part of the puppy's card till receiving the Export Pedigree.

  • Can I send the copy of the Puppy's card by e-mail to make the procedure faster?

No. We start issuing the Export Pedigree only having received the original Puppy's Card.

  • I have the pedigree for my dog without any puppy's card but the name of the former owner of the dog is indicated in the pedigree. How can I get the pedigree on my name?

To receive the Export pedigree on your name you are to send to the UKU

    • the original pedigree on the name of the former owner;
    • copy of the sales agreement signed by the former and actual owner of the dog;
    • copy of the former owner's ID or Passport;
    • copy of the bank receipt of fee (60 or 80 Euro) paid on our bank account;
    • postal address where we should send the issued pedigree.
  • Can I change the name of the dog in the pedigree?

By the FCI Standing Orders Art.8 p.10 "The national canineorganisations and their breed clubs may not make any alteration orchangeany information about the dogalready registered in a recognised studbook."
Which means since the puppy has been registered in our Stud Book and got the Puppy Card with one exact name, we cannot change it notwithstanding how the owner calls the dog at home.

  • There are three bank accounts. Which should I use to transfer the fee?

In your transaction you MUST indicate the details of all the three banks with all the three accounts as according to Ukrainian tax policy any foreign payment first goes to the Bank Correspondent, then to the Bank of Beneficiary and only after that on the account of the UKU. It means if you do not indicate any of the accounts UKU will never receive your money.

  • Can I transfer the money directly from my credit card on your account?

Unfortunately for the moment such procedure is not available and we can accept only the wire transfers performed by the bank using all the details of three banks.

  • How much except for 60 or 80 euro should I transfer to cover the banks' fees?

You should ask about it in your bank as Ukrainian bank does not take any fee from you for receiving money but you should cover the fees of your bank and the fee of the bank correspondent which can vary depending on your location or your bank.
So while transferring the fee in the bank you should underline that the recipient (UKU) must receive the exact sum – 60 or 80 Euro.

  • What information about the new owner is needed?

Generally we need:

    • The full name of the new owner written or printed legibly in the puppy's card in order to avoid any confusion or misprints in the Export Pedigree;
    • The postal address of the new owner as it must be mentioned in the Export Pedigree and on this address we will send the issued pedigree;
    • The contact telephone number and e-mail address in case there are any problems.
  • I have an urgent situation and want to get the Export Pedigree immediately.

It is possible to get the Export Pedigree on the day of application but only in our Head office by the address 18 Mechnykova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine.
Any of your friends, or a breeder, or a former owner here in Ukraine can come personally to our Head Office and bring the original of the Puppy's Card.
If there is no problem with the litter registration he/she pays 90 Euro (in Hryvnas by the national bank exchange rate) for 3-generations or 120 Euro (in Hryvnas by the national bank exchange rate) for 4-generations pedigree and gets the Export Pedigree in a short time on the same day.